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Blue Spruce Resort

1215 Oxtongue Lake Rd



P0A 1H0

Toll Free:

(855) 635-2330

Local #:


Fax #:



In any season for any reason, come stay with us. Relaxing, swimming, reading, napping, ice fishing, bird watching, cross country skiing, short walks, painting, sketching, photography, bicycling, writing, eating, dog sledding, laughing, loving, playing golf, water wings, simple things, skinny dipping, canoe tripping, star gazing, bonfires, kayaking, running, jumping, water skiing, barbecues, burnt another one, sand castles, soft drinks, hard drinks, fine wine, hot toddy, ice hockey, iced tea, scavenger hunts, boat tours, playing snooker, playing hooky, catching fish, roller blading, ice skating, crackling fire, best hot dog ever, sail boats, volley ball, playing tennis, cold drinks, nature hikes, storytelling, watching movies, snow sled, do I really have to go to bed, paddle boats, snowshoeing, downhill skiing, ping pong, rain drops, flip flops, water trampoline, sunbathing, snowmobiling, board games, sandy toes, crunching snow, first kiss, fireworks, studio tours, playing tricks, hide and seek, second kiss, tobogganing, art galleries, fresh air, it's four o'clock somewhere, marshmallows, snowboarding, ghost stories, old stories, shuffle board, new friends, old buddies, crickets, hot days, cool nights, cold days, warm nights, will you marry me, walking in the rain, hot tubs, early morning swim, catching frogs, singing songs, late nights, sleeping in, doing nothing, never stopping… (whew!)



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